About ADS Midwest

ADS is the premier provider of practice transitions services for dentists looking to buy or sell a practice. Our unparalleled expertise, experience and unique market entrée enable us to deliver the right solution that meets the needs of all parties and provides peace of mind. With over $1 billion in successful transitions delivered, we consistently drive transactions that are comprehensive, accurate, confidential and timely.

As founding members of American Dental Sales, our affiliate organization, we have grown and evolved into the most trusted and respected dental brokerage/consulting company in the Midwest and the time has come to identify with our other affiliate members as a national organization. ADS is literally composed of the best professionals in the transition field. We do not offer franchises to just anyone who wants to sell dental practices. All prospective members must pass review by our nomination committee and meet quality and experience requirements. To be admitted to ADS, they must be voted upon by the entire ADS membership. ADS members are subject to internal standards and peer review. We take integrity, competence and quality seriously!

Now, when you see the ADS advertisements in Dental Economics, our monthly Dental Economics transition column, our pages of classified advertising in Dental Economics, Illinois Dental News, Chicago Dental Society Review, St. Louis Dentistry, Missouri Focus, JADA, our national website, www.ADStransitions.com, our local website www.ADSmidwest.com, local, regional and national dental meetings and other ADS branding venues, you can associate us and our colleagues as part of the ADS national organization which provides the highest quality transition services in the country.

We hope you will accept and identify ADS Midwest with the quality, integrity and trust that you have afforded The Dental Marketplace for the past twenty plus years.

Meet Our Team
Guy B. Jaffe
Mr. Jaffe is the founder of ADS Midwest and one of the original founders of ADS (American Dental Sales).

Guy Jaffe, MBA

Peter J. Ackerman
Peter Ackerman covers Chicago and Northern Illinois

Peter Ackerman, CPA

James R. Ackerman
James Ackerman covers Missoui, Southern Illinois, Iowa, Indiana and Arkansas

James Ackerman