Grossing $450k with 5 Modern Ops

Near Redbud, IL

My practice is 40 years of enjoyable endeavor. I have never had to advertise and I enjoy a very loyal patient family. I practice at a relaxed pace four days a week and our annual gross averages $441,000. Recalls are excellent with almost 100% of patients scheduling their next visit before they leave the office. We see all ages of patients and do most general dentistry procedures referring ortho, perio surgery, third molar extractions and most molar endo.

This is a practice in a small town in Southwestern Illinois; larger towns and a large city are a pleasant drive away. This area has a rich and diverse history. The rural area offers outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting.

The office is a free standing building in a small professional complex and has five fully equipped operatories including computers, reception area, business area, lab, private office, break room and a full basement. We have digital radiographs including the panoral and central nitrous. We are not paperless.

The young, energetic staff includes a receptionist, 2 dental assistants and 2 half time hygienists. The office atmosphere is professional but light hearted and very personable.

I could stay to help with the transition if desired.