Grossing $380k, 3 days week

Decatur, IL

This is a second generation dental practice. We have had a presence in our wonderful community since 1951. Besides the local residents, we also draw patients from the numerous smaller towns near by.  Our dedicated and caring staff includes a hygienist who has been with us for seventeen years and an assistant/receptionist for ten years. We consider our patients as family and are very proud of the exceptional service we provide them.

The office is currently open three days a week. All endodontics, periodontal surgeries, orthodontics, and extractions/oral surgeries are referred out (an appreciable source of additional income).

The practice is a “fee for service” practice and does not participate as “Preferred Provider” with any insurance companies, HMO’s, or capitation plans (including Illinois Public Aid). We do accept pre-authorized insurance benefits assigned to the office from regular indemnity insurance plans; with the patient being responsible for any deductible and any balance of the billed fee not paid by the carrier.

The well maintained office building is a free standing structure that has 1260 square feet, three treatment rooms, full basement, and large parking lot. It is located close to a local hospital, large public park, and recreational lake.

This practice would make an outstanding merger candidate into another office!