Grossing $600k, FFS, 2,000 sq+

Mattoon-Effingham area, IL

This practice is located in a busy highly visible medical facility & is equipped with four modern dental operatories with the option to easily add a fifth, as plumbing already exists.  Radiography is completely digital with Schick sensors and a Gendex panoramic unit.  This spacious 2100 square foot office is very clean.   We have a nice size waiting room with beautiful furniture.  There is a private consultation room, doctor’s office, both patient & staff restrooms, laundry, lunch, & storage areas.

My calendar year includes 4 weeks of vacation time plus holidays.  I treat patients 31 hours/week & consistently gross close to $600,000 annually while limiting overhead at 58%.  PPO insurance plans comprise just 11.4% of my gross production.  I refer out OS, molar endo, some perio, & some pedo.  I am very selective on prosthodontic cases.  You can see, there is room to expand and grow.

With over 2300 active patients, I have built a powerful hygiene team.  We average over 80 hours of hygiene on a 31-hour work week!  This is a statistic we have never seen another practice replicate.  In addition, over the last 4 years, the percent of hygiene “down time” averaged a mere 2.67%!  Our well-groomed hygiene staff has earned the respect of our patient base.

Our front office team consists of our receptionist & office manager.  They are cross-trained to a great extent and work well coordinating all aspects of the schedule with me & my hygiene staff. 

We pride ourselves on staying compliant with OSHA & HIPAA.  This is a facet of dentistry that we take very seriously & is the responsibility of my office manager to coordinate.

This practice is situated in an economically thriving central Illinois community.  The work ethic here sets it apart from many others.  Residents are proud of their homes & businesses.  This is reflected in the cleanliness & neatness you will immediately notice as you drive through this town.  With five major employers along with many other independent small employers, we are not just a bedroom community!  Many more people are employed here than live here.  We are just 3-20 miles away from many more metropolitan communities where industry & commerce opportunities abound as well.  As most small towns struggle economically, we are alive & well!  Our schools boast an academically strong curriculum with a robust emphasis on athletics!  As a life-long resident, I have been in practice here for 37+ years.  I am looking to find a buyer who is confident with his/her dental skills, interested in the quaintness of a small town & excited about stepping into a full vibrant practice with a dedicated professional staff.