Dental Practice for Sale in Springfield - Decatur

Practice Type: General Dental Practice

Grossing $1,250,0000

This is a large and very profitable practicing.  The practice is opened Monday through Friday and grosses $1,250,000.

The  practice started in 1949  and moved to its current location in 1957.  The present office is still at that same location but has been added onto since then as the practice has grown.  All but one room has an x-ray machines with three having digital capability.   We were computerized in 1991 and our server uses Softdent software capable of handling 14 workstations. All dental services are offered from operative to oral surgery, implant restorations, orthodontics, endodontics, Zoom, N2O and other normal dental services.

The practice has two full time hygienists both of whom have been with the practice for over ten years.  In addition there is a receptionist and an insurance manager.  Our receptionist has been with the office since she graduated from high school in 1985. The insurance manager has worked for us  for over 15 years. Each dentist has his own dental assistant but they all work together to help the patients.

We provides access to health insurance to employees as well as a 401k pension plan that is fully funded from the day they become eligible.  We have been active in many service clubs, charitable organizations, school and church activities throughout the years.

The sentiment in this practice is patients first.  We treat our patients as if they were family. Our primary goal is to help patients with their dental needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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