Dental Practice for Sale in Mattoon-Effingham

Practice Type: General Dental Practice

Mattoon-Effingham Grossing $400,000

My spouse and I, both big city people, moved to our adopted community 30+ years ago.   We felt a small town environment to be best to raise our yet to be conceived children.  Recently, one of our late 20’s kids, eyeing all the congestion on a trip to visit our big city relatives, made us feel good when he said “mom and dad, thanks for moving and having me where you did”.  The opportunity to purchase a practice at an affordable price and quickly be independent and debt- free also was an attraction.  But then we found our community’s list of “boasts” to be unusually long.  So if I may:  A good indication of our town’s vitality is that our population, in contrast to many similarly sized towns in Illinois, has grown consistently throughout the years we’ve been here.  Besides a strong public school system full of good, dedicated teachers and a nationally recognized high school band, we have a private school system that is outstanding academically, with 98% of high school graduates going on to college.  All major school sports are offered.   Our teams are routinely state ranked.  Besides participation sports for children and adults, our park district offers many programs, including a community orchestra, and an amateur theater group.  We have a 1,500+ seat entertainment venue.  Its’ annual season features nationally known performers.    Our large recreational facility includes a running track and indoor pool.  Contiguous with and extending out from our town is a network of miles of biking and hiking trails, winding through scenic countryside.  We have three golf courses, including a private country club.  Due to our broad and diversified employment base, our realtors confirm that the 2008 real estate crash did not affect our town at all.  Housing choices, including in town or on our lake, are “small town” affordable.   But many million dollar homes can be found on the lake.  Area colleges include Lakeland College, a highly nationally ranked community college, and Eastern Illinois University.  Our town is a regional medical center; our community hospital offers many medical specialties.  

The dental practice I own has been a presence in the community, and at its’ same location, for 65+ years.  Within two years of purchasing this practice, I purchased another from a retiring dentist, and merged the two at our present location. The original office I removed, and on its’ site built a brick façade 2400 square foot, free standing building.  It has five operatories, a reception area, business area, private office, separate lab, sterilization and storage areas, and a full basement.  It has been well maintained, with new flooring and wall coverings less than three years old.  My new computer system and network of nine computers are less than six months old.

Our philosophy is very simply to treat people right.  We have been doing that since day one, and have been blessed with a very loyal and stable patient base.  Recalls are very good; almost all of our patients schedule their next visit before they leave the office.  Our practice emphasizes quality fixed prosthodontics, but we also do a good amount of restorative operative.  I do most molar endo, most extractions, and a very small amount of ortho.   We refer complicated endo, complicated and impacted 3rd molar surgery, and almost all ortho.  I’ve been blessed with longevity in my staff.   I have had staff members with me 14, 17, 20, and 25 years, leaving only because they want to retire.  My present staff is newer, but has been with me long enough to be well trained, and I anticipate they will stay with the practice a long time as well.

I’m convinced that a buyer with a similar philosophy of practice would be very successful.  I would not offer this for sale if I felt otherwise.  All metrics and numbers are assembled.  They show how feasible this purchase could be.

Thanks for considering. 


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